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Commercial Factory or Manufacturing Plant Solar Energy Farms

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Researching solar energy farms to power your manufacturing plant, commercial center, or factory?

You maybe researching solar farms because you want to take the responsible road and decrease your carbon footprint for future generations, or you just want to cut 15 to 25% from your electric expense. Manufacturing can see a huge savings, as electric power is one of the biggest overheads.


What a Great Idea!


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We are one the nations largest commercial solar contractors. We have converted some of the nations top industries with their own solar farms.

If our credibility is not enough, how about we cover all the expense in the entire solar project. We will finance the entire commercial solar project. 

The Process – What to Expect When Going Solar for Your Manufacturing Plant

We will need a signature to get the ball rolling and your commercial operation will be on it’s way to generating power off the grid.

Once you decide to go solar for a commercial factory, solar for a manufacturing plant, commercial buildings convert to solar power; you are going to need to fill out a credit application to be approved for financing in conjunction with signing our Energy Services Agreement or Power Purchase Agreement. 

If and once financing is approved, a site survey will be conducted to conclude the actual viability of the project, such as: measurements, looking at the electrical panel, land, and roof if applicable. 

Once a site survey and design have been completed, this information will be given to our structural and electrical engineers who will produce a code compliant stamped signed and sealed set of structural and electrical plans which will be combined with a permit application.  This set of documents is then submitted to the applicable building department. 

We wait until we receive an approved permit to construct, here you are at the mercy of local government, some jurisdictions are fast and others are slow. 

Once a permit is approved, materials are ordered and or secured and we will reach out to the Commercial entity to schedule an agreed time to begin construction. 

Once construction is finished we will apply for inspection in an attempt to close out the building permit, pass inspection, and be awarded a certificate of completion or final permit. 

Once we are awarded a final permit, we will submit the final permit and a complete net metering application to the appropriate utility in an effort to interconnect with the utility.  The utility will then come out and conduct their own inspection and then award an approval to energize. 

This is the end, electric is flowing and your community is off the grid. 

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